LP/Streaming Guidelines

If you’re looking to record gameplay of a Reine Works game, please follow the below guidelines.

  1. You are free to upload videos of all the content available within the free section of a game. If the game is free, this means the entirety of the game. If the game is commercial but there is a demo, this means the demo of the game.
  2. If streaming, you may play a game from start to finish even if it is commercial, but you may not archive the file, nor may you upload the content of the stream anywhere.
  3. Make sure to include a link to the store page of the game(s) included in your video description. If streaming, paste it into the chat box.
  4. Do not include any custom commentary, text, or images in the video that could be interpreted as harassment or defamation towards anyone.
  5. Do not promote piracy or any other illegal activities in the video or its description.

Failure to comply with the above guidelines will result in Reine Works taking action against the offending content.

If you have any questions, please send them to reineworks@gmail.com.