Sometimes, we’re looking for extra freelance team members to help us along in our projects. If any of those positions are open, they’ll be listed below. Please e-mail any applications and/or questions to

*All applicants should be 18 years of age or older and have a PayPal account.



Part-time Artist

  • Hours: 10 to 30 per week
  • Compensation: hourly, to be discussed
  • Start date: late May – early June 2018
  • Description: work with the core team to create assets, promotional art work, and graphics as needed. Able to produce art that fits within either the “bishounen” or the “bishoujo” category.
  • Tasks: create character designs, sprites, CGs, backgrounds, graphics (incl. GUIs), promotional artwork, etc.


  • Able to work both with and without detailed instructions.
  • Able to provide uncompressed, unmerged source files (.PSD or .SAI) for each task.
  • Comfortable depicting LGBT+ relationships.
  • Comfortable depicting suggestive and sexual content.
  • Comfortable depicting mildly violent content.

Please download and fill out this application to apply for the position. Thank you.